BeamNFT Marketplace’s Weekly NFT Collection Listings #5

Welcome to another edition of Weekly NFT Collection Listings, where the team picks the best confidential NFTs minted in the marketplace each week. Introducing Crypto Ships, the happy-go-lucky Shiba Inus of Little Doge, the hat-wearing Worm collection and BEAM Punks. Read last week’s NFT Collection Listings #4 here.

Crypto Ships

Access the Crypto Ships collection here

Get your battleships ready with the Crypto Ships collection featuring unique backgrounds, ships, characters and even an underwater creature! Ride into battle with the black-dread skeleton-themed #1 featuring a treasure and a grey shark in the background or choose the moonlight themed #4.

Little Doge

Access the Little Doge collection here

Many wow! Much doge! Each Doge is featured with its own special colour, hat, glasses & outfits! Smoke up in a white hat and rainbow glasses with #5 Little Doge or choose a casual clean look with green snapback #1 Little Doge.


Access the Worms collection here

Say hello to the weird and wacky Worms collection! Worms come with unique facial expressions, hats, equipment and background colours! Fly into space like a king with Worm #8 or smoke up until you become a wizard with Worm #4.

BEAM Punks

Access the BEAM Punks collection here

A collection limited only to 100, each BEAM Punk features unique attributes like a specific style, hairstyle, colour, hat & jewellery. Reap souls by transforming yourself into the Grim Reaper with Punk #16 or choose to become a smoking cowboy with Punk #37! On March 3, a random owner of a BEAM Punk will be awarded a one-of-a-kind NY Punk. So find a punk that matches your swagger! Additionally, Punk owners will receive exclusive access to an upcoming play-to-earn game.

Getting your 1st Beam confidential NFT is easy!

  1. Download the Beam Web Wallet or Beam Desktop Wallet
  2. Deposit $BEAM onto your Beam wallet
  3. $BEAM is available on the following exchanges
  4. Visit or
  5. Connect your Beam Web Wallet & approve access to the DAPP
  6. Browse through the NFT marketplace & purchase your favourite NFTs
  7. View your new confidential NFT in your Beam Wallet

NFT Thursday

Every Thursday, new community-created confidential NFTs are minted in the Beam NFT Marketplace. Visit the recently listed section to always stay up-to-date on the newest collections.

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