BeamNFT Marketplace’s Weekly NFT Collection Listings #6

Monkeys Paint Ari

Access the Monkeys Paint Ari Collection here

Bearded Tramps

Access the Bearded Tramps Collection here

Beam NFT Competition

Access the BeamNFT Competition Collection here

BEAM Punks

Access the BEAM Punks collection here

BeamNFT Competition Punks

Getting your 1st Beam confidential NFT is easy!

  1. Download the Beam Web Wallet or Beam Desktop Wallet
  2. Deposit $BEAM onto your Beam wallet
  3. $BEAM is available on the following exchanges
  4. Visit or
  5. Connect your Beam Web Wallet & approve access to the DAPP
  6. Browse through the NFT marketplace & purchase your favourite NFTs
  7. View your new confidential NFT in your Beam Wallet
  8. Refer to the in-depth step-by-step tutorial here

NFT Thursday

The Competition is live!

For your latest scoop on NFTs, follow on:



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