Choose your faction and battle it out for Sapphires in the #HalloweenBattleGame!


Choose a Faction

The Halloween Battle Game is a play-to-earn (P2E) video game hosted on the private-by-default Beam blockchain, that uses the Terrible Creatures and Knights of the Kingdom NFT collections to participate in battles and sieges, collecting $BEAM and Sapphires ($SPH) for each victory.

Halloween is coming and with it, the Terrible Creatures that have been resting up all year. They seek to destroy the Old Castle and take all the sapphires from the King’s treasury to gain absolute power.

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Pick your side, a spooky monster of the Terrible Creatures; a valiant defender from the Knights of the Kingdom; or an opportunistic investor participating from the sidelines, that can alter the outcome of the war by investing resources and reaping rewards.

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Sapphires ($SPH)

Sapphires ($SPH) are a utility token and governance token for the platform, that can be used to level up, restore health, and upgrade Terrible Creatures or Knights of the Kingdom NFTs, also allowing holders to create or vote on governance proposals for upcoming features, changes, and new launches.


Investors participate in battles by expending $BEAM to boost either faction’s attack power or by reviving fallen NFT characters. They are rewarded with Sapphires ($SPH) for investing resources in the winning faction for each battle or siege.

Battles and Sieges

Each battle lasts 240 blocks (or 4 hours) and is recorded as an event in the score of the Siege. Sieges last 43,200 blocks (or 30 days) and are won by the faction that wins the most battles during this time period. The winning faction and investors are rewarded with $BEAM from the losing investors and Sapphires ($SPH) from the losing faction’s treasury.


For full details of the Halloween Battle Game, the Terrible Creatures and Knights of the Kingdom NFT collections, Sapphires ($SPH), and the formulaic calculations for the battle rewards, we invite you to read the Halloween Battle Game whitepaper.

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