Compete in the Competition to win from a Prize Pool of $10,000

Competing in the competition?

The Daily Wheel Challenge

Complete Tasks to Earn Coins

Refer a Friend

What are Coins?

Participants are rewarded coins for spinning the Daily Wheel, completing Tasks and for referring friends. Coins can be used in the marketplace to redeem NFTs and exclusive collections. You can also spend coins to spin the Daily Wheel more often.


Good news for any users that have already used the Marketplace and connected their Twitter, you will receive a small airdrop of Coins to start with!

Become a Validator!

The most active users will be chosen by the BeamNFT team to join validators on the platform. Validators will be responsible for moderating the content. They can upvote/downvote Authors/NFTs/Collections ratings, hide or warn the collection about a potential scam and more.

Additional Prizes

What’s Next?

The release date for the launch of the competition is a secret!

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