The Newest Listings on Beam NFT Art Gallery


A large number of confidential NFTs has landed in the Beam NFT marketplace in one of the biggest collection uploads we have seen since launch!
Sidenote: We’re proud to have featured on @beamprivacy.

In this article, the team covers their favourite new NFT collections

Privacy Fans

The Privacy Fans NFT collection can be accessed here

Snag your own Privacy Fans mask? face? portrait? We don’t know what to call it but what we do know is there are two characters in each NFT!


The BeamBots NFT collection can be accessed here

Beep! Boop! Own a part of the BeamBots with different themes, professions, looks & outfits! Be it the appropriately numbered devil BeamBots #6 or the astronaut BeamBots #10, you’re sure to find a BeamBot that fits your type!


The SDKC NFT collection can be accessed here

Stray Dog Kennel Club (SDKC) NFTs come with unique characteristics, backgrounds, fur colours and hats. Find SDKCs that have been inspired by pop culture or scary mythical figures, each with its own diverse look & outfit.

10% of the sales proceeds from each SDKC NFT goes toward global dog charities.


The BeamVerse NFT collection can be accessed here

Own a BeamVerse inhabitant — be it a regular looking human, a blue alien or… even the joker! BeamVerse may become useful in the future perhaps when the metaverse begins to take speed on Beam blockchain.

BEAM Punks

The BEAM Punks NFT collection can be accessed here

Limited to only 100 collectables, BEAM punks range from green alien soldier Punk to a cowboy Punk and a literal grim reaper Punk! In the future, owners of the BEAM Punk NFTs will be granted access to an upcoming play-to-earn game on

Getting your 1st Beam confidential NFT is easy!

  1. Download the Beam Web Wallet or Beam Desktop Wallet
  2. Deposit $BEAM onto your Beam wallet
  3. $BEAM is available on the following exchanges
  4. Visit or
  5. Connect your Beam Web Wallet & approve access to the DAPP
  6. Browse through the marketplace to find your favourite NFT and own it!
  7. View your new confidential NFT in your Beam Wallet

Stay Tuned!

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