Beam Web Wallet Install Guide


Beam Web Wallet is a chrome extension that has basic functionalities as of now: deposit, send & interact with smart contracts/DAPPs on Beam Blockchain. This article will walk you through a step-by-step regarding how to install & set up the Beam Web Wallet as well as how to access confidential DAPPs in the BeamX ecosystem.

Download the Beam Web Wallet here
Select “Create new wallet”
Read the entire message and don’t forget to save your seed to a safe place.
Save your seed phrase in a safe and easily accessible location
Confirm Seed Phrase by entering the specific keywords in the correct order.
Wait for ~5 minutes to sync the wallet.
Your wallet is now ready to use.

What can I do with my Beam Wallet?

Now that your wallet is ready, head over to the Beam Faucet to receive a small trickle of $BEAM for over 500 confidential transactions. To purchase confidential NFTs, check out BeamNFT Marketplace for the newest collections, market statistics & recently sold NFTs. View some of the team’s favorite collections here at The Newest Listings on Beam NFT Art Gallery.

Staking (Earn BeamX with BEAM)

Visit the BeamX DAO Core DAPP here to stake $BEAM & earn $BEAMX. $BEAMX is the new confidential governance token that powers the BeamX DeFi ecosystem and gives holders voting rights over the BeamX DAO. $BEAMX is available exclusively to stakers since it cannot be currently purchased on any exchanges. Read Beam’s in-depth $BEAM Staking Tutorial

Stay Tuned!

Check out the Beam roadmap update to learn about what’s next for the Beam Wallet and the BeamX DeFi ecosystem. For everything related to NFTs, send feedback & follow BeamNFT on:







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BeamNFT is the first NFT marketplace on BEAM. Get quick and easy access to digital collectibles and explore, buy and sell NFTs.