BeamNFT Marketplace’s Weekly NFT Collection Listings #11


Welcome to the 11th edition of BeamNFT Marketplace’s Weekly NFT Collection Listings featuring the team’s highlights wrapped into one weekly article. Last week’s NFT Collection Listing #10 featured frogs from the VIBEFORG collection, The Humanoid Club, Pixel Skulls and more!

This week we welcome the duckies of Mr. Duck, infant cats of TigerBaby, the Italian plumbers known as the MBrothers, and the coveted Beam Punks.

Mr. Duck

Access the Mr. Duck collection here

Created using coloured tiles, each Mr. Duck comes with a uniquely designed background, hat, outfit, accessories & more. If you want to dress dapper, #2 comes with a black suit, a fedora and some smokes. For a more casual look, go for the #9 Mr. Duck inverted snapback puffing blue smoke.


Access the TigerBaby collection here

Adorable big cats! What’s not to love? Every TigerBaby is cool with unique colours, apparel, accessories & hats! Tiger #9 is a Blue-Cyan mix wearing pink headphones in a gold robe. Tiger #10 wears is a purple tiger with a gold halo, green top & some smokes. Find a TigerBaby that vibes the best with you!


Access the MBrothers collection here

It’s me! Mario! Welcoming the iconic Italian plumber Mario to the confidential NFTs side. All Marios are guaranteed to wear the famous M hat & smile — Marios come with various backgrounds, colours and accessories. Go with the classic vanilla Brothers #1 with a red cap. If you are a retro fan, #Brothers 9 comes with 3D Glasses & a dark green cap. Get your Marios here!

BEAM Punks

Access the BEAM Punks collection here

Only 100 BEAM Punks will ever exist, making this collection one of the rarest on the Beam Marketplace. Punks come with their own personality, hairstyle, outfit, accessories, hats & more! Reap souls by transforming yourself into the Grim Reaper with Punk #16 or choose to become a Dracula-themed #Punk 95. Choose a Punk that best fits your style!

On March 1st, all BEAM Punk owners will automatically enter a lucky draw. A randomly selected Punk owner will be rewarded with a one-of-a-kind New Year Punk. Additionally, Punk owners will receive exclusive access to an upcoming play-to-earn game, currently in development, on

BeamNFT Competition

Check out the BeamNFT Competition here

All these rewards await the BeamNFT Competition participants! Spin the Daily Wheel to win rewards. Complete Tasks and refer friends to earn Coins. Accumulate your Coins and spend them in the upcoming Coins Shop to purchase competition exclusive NFTs. Special shoutout to SKDC, Vsnation & BeamBots for sponsoring the rewards.

Note: These rewards cannot be purchased on the Marketplace. The BeamNFT Competition NFTs are rewarded to competition participants. After winning the NFTs and receiving it in Beam Wallet, users can list them on the Beam NFT Marketplace for sale!

Participate in the BeamNFT Competition here

Getting your 1st Beam confidential NFT is easy!

For the full step-by-step tutorial with images, refer here

  1. Download the Beam Web Wallet or Beam Desktop Wallet
  2. Deposit $BEAM onto your Beam wallet
  3. $BEAM is available on the following exchanges
  4. Visit or
  5. Connect your Beam Web Wallet & approve access to the DAPP
  6. Browse through the marketplace to find your favourite NFT and own it!
  7. View your new confidential NFT in your Beam Wallet


Each Thursday, the Beam Team mints the latest batch of community-created confidential NFTs on the Beam NFT Marketplace. Always stay up-to-date by visiting Recently Listed or the NFT Gallery dApp located in Beam Wallet.

Stay Tuned!

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