How to Purchase Confidential NFTs on the Beam Ecosystem


This article serves as a step-by-step tutorial on how to purchase confidential NFTs on the Beam blockchain. Users can make purchases from the NFT Marketplace DAPP available in the Beam Desktop Wallet or through Beam Web Wallet using the Beam NFT Marketplace.

How to Buy NFT on with Beam Web Wallet

  1. Download & Install the Beam Web Wallet here
  2. Set up your Beam wallet following the on-screen instructions
  3. Deposit Beam from one of the following exchanges
  4. Head over to the BeamNFT Marketplace
  5. Select purple icon “Connect Wallet” in the top-right corner
  6. Approve DAPP connection request
  7. Select your favorite NFT & purchase
  8. Users can use their NFT as an avatar on all social media. Check your new confidential NFT in your Beam wallet
Connect Beam Web wallet to Beam NFT art gallery
Changing price of the NFT using Beam Web Wallet (chrome extension)
Buying NFT using Beam Web wallet(chrome extension)

How to Buy NFT on Beam DAPP Store with Beam Desktop wallet

  1. Download Beam Desktop Wallet here
  2. Install and set up your new Beam Wallet following on-screen instructions
  3. Deposit Beam from one of the following exchanges
  4. Open the NFT Gallery from the DAPP Store
  5. Choose your favorite NFT & purchase
  6. Check out your new confidential NFT in your Beam wallet!
Select the NFT Gallery DAPP
Find the confidential NFT you like the most!

Thinking of what to buy?

From Beam Punks to Beam Bots to elaborately drawn masks or mutts from the Stray Dog Kennel Club; our team covers some of their most favorite confidential NFTs from the most recent collection. Learn more about The Newest Listings on Beam NFT Art Gallery.

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