BeamNFT Marketplace’s Weekly NFT Collection Listings #9


Welcome to the latest edition of BeamNFT Marketplace’s Weekly NFT Collection Listings featuring the newest confidential NFTs minted in the Beam NFT Marketplace. Say hello to the newly minted three-dimensional characters of Crypto3D, toddlers from the Baby Punk collection, tailored outfits from Suit & BEAM Punks. For last week’s NFT Collection Listing #8, read here.


Access the Crypto3D Collection here

Three-dimensional characters, unique outfits, backgrounds, facial expressions & shadows! Choose Snoop Dogg with a dripped out coat, jewellery & sneakers or choose to become an infinity stones gauntlet wielding Thanos! Select a 3D model that best fits your style!

Baby Punk

Access the Baby Punk collection here

The latest take on the Punk genre, each Baby Punk comes with a unique background, outfit, colours and cute pacifiers! Choose the one-eyed yellow pacifier pirate Baby Punk #6 or still in diapers Baby Punk #4!


Access the Suit Collection here

If you ever needed an outfit as an NFT, Suit has tailored formalwear complete with a hat, tie & jacket. Suits come in unique colours. If you’re dressing up on Christmas, choose the red hat & jacket Suit #9. If summers are your thing, the white Suit #3 will work nicely. Choose your outfit!

BEAM Punks

Access the BEAM Punks collection here

Limited to just 100 one-a-kind pixelated BEAM Punks; each features unique attributes like an outfit, hairstyle, colour, hat & jewellery. Dress up like the Matrix and dodge bullets Neo-style with Punk #10 or become an occultist acolyte with #Punk 9! Choose a Punk that best fits your style!

On March 1st, a random BEAM Punk owner will be awarded a one-of-a-kind NY Punk. Additionally, Punk owners alongside BeamBots will receive exclusive access to an upcoming play-to-earn game on Competition Punks

Say hi to the cousins of BEAM Punks. These Christmas-themed Punks are available as rewards in the Competition. Win the Reindeer Moose Punk #2 or the black-eyed Santa Claus #1 simply by spinning the Daily Wheel or earning Coins that can later be redeemed to purchase NFTs. Compete here!

What’s Next?

Word around the corner is that there’s a new BEAM Punks website coming with a comprehensive Roadmap, a new Play-to-Earn (P2E) game, an NFT explorer and more! Stay Tuned!

Getting your 1st Beam confidential NFT is easy!

  1. Download the Beam Web Wallet or Beam Desktop Wallet
  2. Deposit $BEAM onto your Beam wallet
  3. $BEAM is available on the following exchanges
  4. Visit or
  5. Connect your Beam Web Wallet & approve access to the DAPP
  6. Browse through the NFT marketplace & purchase your favourite NFTs
  7. View your new confidential NFT in your Beam Wallet
  8. Refer to the in-depth step-by-step tutorial here

NFT Thursday

Each Thursday, new community-created confidential NFTs are minted in the Beam NFT Marketplace. Visit the recently listed section to always stay up-to-date on the latest collections.

The Competition is live!

Complete tasks, spin the Daily Wheel for prizes and refer your friends to compete for a $10,000 prize pool, including $BEAM, $RAYS, NFTs, Coins, and an exclusive one-of-a-kind NFT from the official Beam Team for the highest-ranked player on the leaderboard. Participate here.

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